A New World

The Shadow of the Singularity

Session 13

The Nova Star is sent to Karu Nemoidia, where there is a warehouse full of computer parts to be picked up.
While they are there, they naturally decide to look for a casino, but they never reach one. They are quickly drawn into a firefight with some B1 Battle Droids who were chasing a young street urchin down the alley.

After saving her from the droids, they ask her what she did. She claims all she did was ask what “IDS Singularity” means, then she shows them the shirt she found in the dumpster. It is an old Imperial Starfllet uniform, but pitch black, with a unit patch from the Singularity. She points out the pawn shop where the chase began.

The characters spend the rest of the session trying to prove, one way or the other, whether the ISD Singularity still exists, whether it is on or near Karu Nemoidia, and who threw away the uniform. In the process, the locals fill their heads with more and more unanswered questions about the Singularity and its commander, Blackhole.

This is their final voyage as the crew of the Nova Star. Next session, they will take command of the stealth corvette they captured in session 12.



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