A New World

The Sabacc Pit

Session 14

The repairs and reconfiguration of the Pit Viper are complete. The command crew of the Nova Star transfer their flag to their new ship. They had intended to name it after either Vima Sunrider or Bastila Shan, but at the last minute, they change their minds and name it “Serenity.” This CR-90 has been reconfigured for a balance of firepower, cargo and passengers. The cloaking device was removed, but the active camouflage and sensor masks are intact. The ship has been reflagged as a Casperian military transport.

The Serenity’s first mission is to go Verdomir, a farming planet near Naboo, and pick up 40 Casperian refugees. Their ship was hit during the evacuation of Casperia and they were forced to make a crash landing in an orchard. The farmer accepted the wreckage of the freighter as reparations for the damage to the orchard and the refugees have been camping out in the hills ever since.

When the Serenity arrives to pick up the refugees, 4 of them are missing. The search leads the characters to the outskirts of the nearest town and a casino, called “The Sabacc Pit.” Several of the missing people have been seen at this casino. Only one of them is still here – a Twi’lek scoundrel by the name of Teebo.

While the other characters are busy asking too many questions, Lt. Polera vanishes. She is Teebo’s latest wager in a high-stakes, back-room game!

Lt. Polera pretends to be the sort of slutty, airheaded blonde the gangsters all want as a slave, but only for long enough to grab one of their blasters and kill them all.

After Lt. Polera’s escape, the characters invade the casino in force and use their battle droids to search the premises until the other 3 missing people are found.



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