A New World

Under Hill and Under Dale
Session 23

The Mining Guild breaks through the lines and lands a small force on Zhaum. The key to their assault plan is a mole – a machine designed for digging tunnels.

With the entry to the mining guild’s tunnel heavily guarded, the characters decide to try attacking the mole with bunker-buster torpedoes. This means they have to determine exactly where the mole is located beneath Zhaum’s surface. They only have two shots.

When that fails, the only other options are to attack the tunnel entrance, or to make a stand inside the pressure dome.

They decide to fight in the dome for two reasons – they can fight along side the colonists and they can try to evacuate the dome to their ship at the same time.

Dropping the Hammerhead
Session 22

The characters turn the tables on the Mining guild by hunting down the Ithorian bounty hunter known as “Death Hammer.”

The Invisible Mandalorian
Session 21

As the Serenity blockades the outer end of the hyperspace corridor, a Mandalorian bounty hunter sneaks through the corridor and uses the same tactics at the other end. The Mandalorian ship has the same type of stealth systems as the Serenity, as well as superior armor and equivalent firepower and speed.

The Serenity is ordered to temporarily abandon the blockade and hunt down this invisible Mandalorian.

In the process, they discover two interesting facts:

The Mining Guild has placed bounties on all known Casperian ships, even unarmed cargo ships. There are also very large bounties on many Casperian personnel, including about half the crew of the Serenity. Also inclded on the list is a bounty of 10,000,000 credits for Jedi Master Cilghal.

Mandalore and the Bounty Hunter’s Guild have both refused all bounties on this list. All Guild members and all Mandalorian subjects are forbidden to collect on these bounties.

Six Duros and an Ewok
Session 20

The Mining Guild has blockaded the hyperspace corridor into the Casharin Rogue Star Cluster.

In response, Countess Adriana has sent Serenity, Nova Star, Banthawagon and a stealth bomber to intercept any supplies bound for the blockade. These are half the stealth ships in the fleet.

Meanwhile, the Mining Guild intercepts and boards the starliner, Matthias. The Serenity answers their distress call and the characters board the Matthias from a different docking clamp.

As the characters fight their way from room to room, corridor to corridor, deck to deck, they are assisted by seven survivors. Six Duro engineers are playing tricks with the gravity, environmental controls and power systems, while an Ewok passenger sets annoying traps made of food and string and staples.

Engines Not Included
Session 19

The characters are sent to “commandeer” one of the Mining Guild’s capital ships – a Venator class star destroyer. They quietly board the ship and take over the bridge and the engine room, only to discover that the crew have disassembled part of the engines.

The characters have to reassemble the engines and get the ship into hyperspace, while simultaneously fighting off the Mining Guild security forces who are trying to recapture the ship.

There is a Bomb on Gilead
Session 18

The Casperians make their move. Thousands of junk freighters make their move toward the Casharin Rogue Star Cluster in one massive armada, guarded by a handful of capital ships. This is one of the biggest land grabs in history and the galaxy notices.

At the third jump point of the hyperspace corridor, the fleet’s stealth ships wait to see who will come to ambush the armada. Serenity takes the lead. Also present are the Nova Star, the Banthawagon, four stealth fighters and a single stealth bomber. The ISD Sultan and two other star destroyers, under the command of Admiral Von Klemp, are hidden outside the cluster.

The stealth ships wait for hours, expecting somebody to try to interdict their claim. They particularly expect the Mining Guild, whom they believe has a prior claim on the cluster.

The first to show up is a single science frigate from Naboo, followed by a lone Nemoidian battleship. The science scout scans the nearby gas giants and the Nemoidians just sit there.

Next to show up is an Imperial II class star destroyer, with Czerka markings. Almost immediately, the Czerka ship is attacked by some kind of stealth TIE fighters. Three more Czerka star destroyers fall out of hyperspace, followed by Von Klemp’s fleet, a Chiss strike cruiser, the Jedi medical frigate Salvation, a lone X-Wing fighter, three YT-1300’s painted black and a fancy Skipray Blastboat. Finally, the expected Mining Guild interdiction fleet arrives, followed by half of the Casperian capital ships.

As the characters are trying to make sense of all this chaos and simultaniously try to defend themselves, they notice that the Gilead, their largest battle cruiser, had a big bomb attached to its hull. This is a sodium fusion bomb, a cataclysmic device designed to initiate the same kind of runaway fusion effect in the heart of a supernova. If it detonates, not only will it destroy the Gilead, but half the other ships in the system along with it!

In the middle of a tense, multi-sided battle, not knowing who is on whose side or who put the bomb on Gilead’s hull, the characters must find a way to disarm the bomb before it destroys friend and foe alike!

Their solution: Carefully poke a hole in it with a lightsaber, then fill it with liquid nitrogen. It can’t build up nearly enough heat for proper detonation, so it fizzles and the assembled fleets are saved.

Under the Rings of Acheron
Session 17

As the New Republic crumbles and a new Galactic Alliance is formed from the remnants, Countess Adriana sees both dangers and opportunities. Much of the bureaucracy, once standing in the way of her finding a new home for her people, now finds itself without any authority. On the other hand, many of her enemies also find themselves with more freedom to act. She decides to take advantage of the temporary chaos to accelerate and expand her colonization plans.

The truth about her grand plan is finally revealed to the characters. For several months, they have been passing secret messages, ferrying military personel with sealed orders, and picking up sealed cargo. Far more equipment was brought to the Nightengale than they were delivering to the colonies. Now, the Countess tells them why.

On a rogue asteroid, between the galactic arms, where nobody will bother to look, they have been quietly gathering whatever light freighters they could buy at bargain rates. The ships need only be able to make one trip. Each is being equipped to serve, not as a ship, but as a base for a colony in a hostile environment. Many of these ships were bought as scrap.

Countess Adriana’s plan is to colonize every rock of any use at all, across the entire cluster, all at once. The ships will travel in one big wave, escorted by her remaining capital ships. On arrival, each will be assigned a planet, moon or asteroid to land on. Once landed, the ships will be scuttled, partially buried and converted into permanent structures, which Lt. Polera likened to “mobile homes in space.”

So far, they have hundreds of transports hidden on the rogue asteroid. They need thousands. The Serenity is sent to the planet Acheron, with a budget of several million credits and 20 extra pilots. Their mission is to visit two used starship dealers and buy as many cheap freighters as they can get.

Acheron is a very hot planet, far too close to its parent star. Most of the planet is too hot for most life formes and the sun is bright enough to set most people on fire from just a few seconds exposure. The only habitable zone is in the shadow of the planet’s rings, which is only about 3 miles wide. Acheron’s axial tilt is almost 0, so the shadow is stable enough for permanenet settlements. Breathable air is provided by atmospheric converters and by shade-loving plants which have been transported from other worlds.

Unfortunately for the characters, Acheron is owned by the Mining Guild. Buying so many junk freighters at once is making the guild security forces suspicious.

The situation quickly devolves into a series of running battles across the surface and in the planet’s rings as the Casperians try to escape with as many ships as they can.

At the end of the day, they have managed to buy, capture or steal 37 freighters, mostly old Corellian YT-1300’s and YT-2400’s. They also score a single Consular class cruiser.

There's Us Among Fungus
Session 16

The characters are assigned a crew of scientists. They must return to the only world in the Casharin Rogue Star Cluster on which they found any life – a moon covered in giant fungi.

As the scientists study the ecosystem of the moon and decide what needs to be done to settle the planet, the characters must protect them from natural hazards, acid rain and a giant fungal creature they call a “fungusaur.”

The Missiles of Avalon
Session 15

After a fierce battle against the Mining Guild, the Nightengale’s supply of missiles is seriously depleted. The Serenity is sent to a planet called Avalon, where they are to buy enough missiles to resupply the Nightengale’s fighters.

The arms dealer is easy enough to find and there are more than enough proton torpedoes and heavy concussion missiles on inventory to fill their order, but the missiles are physically missing from the warehouse.

The characters do their best to track down the missing ammunition and bring those responsible to justice. They identify an insider who has been selling the missiles to the black market, harass the local crime lord and follow a ‘pirate’ ship to a hidden asteroid base.

In the end, the ‘pirates’ detonate some of the missiles, rather than turn them over. The asteroid base is completely obliterated. The characters manage to get clear in time, but so far as they know, so do the ‘pirates.’

The characters will just have to find someplace else to get their ammunition.

The Sabacc Pit
Session 14

The repairs and reconfiguration of the Pit Viper are complete. The command crew of the Nova Star transfer their flag to their new ship. They had intended to name it after either Vima Sunrider or Bastila Shan, but at the last minute, they change their minds and name it “Serenity.” This CR-90 has been reconfigured for a balance of firepower, cargo and passengers. The cloaking device was removed, but the active camouflage and sensor masks are intact. The ship has been reflagged as a Casperian military transport.

The Serenity’s first mission is to go Verdomir, a farming planet near Naboo, and pick up 40 Casperian refugees. Their ship was hit during the evacuation of Casperia and they were forced to make a crash landing in an orchard. The farmer accepted the wreckage of the freighter as reparations for the damage to the orchard and the refugees have been camping out in the hills ever since.

When the Serenity arrives to pick up the refugees, 4 of them are missing. The search leads the characters to the outskirts of the nearest town and a casino, called “The Sabacc Pit.” Several of the missing people have been seen at this casino. Only one of them is still here – a Twi’lek scoundrel by the name of Teebo.

While the other characters are busy asking too many questions, Lt. Polera vanishes. She is Teebo’s latest wager in a high-stakes, back-room game!

Lt. Polera pretends to be the sort of slutty, airheaded blonde the gangsters all want as a slave, but only for long enough to grab one of their blasters and kill them all.

After Lt. Polera’s escape, the characters invade the casino in force and use their battle droids to search the premises until the other 3 missing people are found.


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