Stealth CR-90 Corvette


Formerly known as the Pit Viper, this ship was left as part of a trap, by Emperor Palpatine. The trap failed and the ship was captured by the player characters.

Although Luke Skywalker stole (“repatriated”) the Chorian crystal from the main cloaking device, this still left an impressive array of stealth technology on board – an active camouflage field, a global sensor damper, two targeted sensor masks, faceted shields for scattering active scans, streamlined shield mode for low-profile atmospheric entry, low-glare engines, various energy emission reduction solutions and black paint. There is even a device which masks the gravity deplacement of the ship’s mass. Most of the stealth systems are covered in Stygian-triprismatic polymer, making it possible for the ship to pass as a civilian transport on most scanners.

Although in terrible shape after spending decades waiting for Jedi who never came, followed by a battle with the Nova Star, the ship was still restored to working order by the characters and put back into service as the CDF Serenity. Under special dispensation from Countess Adriana Monocerotis, the ship was re-flagged as a Casperian military transport.

After refit, Serenity has room for 500 tons of cargo, life pods for 120 passengers, and is armed with 4 light turbolasers, 2 repeating quad blaster cannon, 4 medium laser cannon, 2 light ion canon and a warhead launcher capable of launching a few missiles up to heavy rocket size. The dorsal docking bay is intact, but reduced in size to just enough space for a single craft of about A-Wing size or smaller (it could carry two, before). The ship was also refit with Casperian tri-phasic shields, an advanced navicomputer, Dr. Nogo Larogo’s high-gravity navigation software, more powerful navigational deflectors, a droid medlab, four passenger staterooms, 8 passenger berths, two of the latest touch-screen sensor displays for the port and starboard gunnery officers, more advanced sensors, a large seating area for coach-class passengers, and a hospitality station (also known as the stewardess’s bar). Among the systems they removed were the cryo-tanks, the officers’ mess, most of the torpedo storage space, some of the compartentalization between sections, the gun lockers, all occupiable rooms on the top and bottom decks, a dedicated HoloNet communication chamber and a space-wasting, Imperial-style bridge. The useless Chorian cloaking device was also removed and the cloaking control room was restored to its originally-designed purpose – the auxiliary bridge.


As part of the Jedi Purge, Emperor Palpatine filled this stealth corvette with frozen clone troopers and left it in orbit around a planet of interest to the Jedi. The planet appeared on no star charts and only Jedi ever went there. Like Illum, this planet’s only important resource was a naturally-occuring lightsaber crystal.

At the time, this ship was the smallest ever fitted with a Chorian cloaking device. Several other ships of this type were hidden in other systems of interest to the Jedi and many of them succeeded in ambushing survivors of the purge.

More than 40 years later, the Nova Star came to explore the system, with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker on board. Despite the ship’s impressive stealth technology, Master Skywalker sensed the minds of the awakening clone troopers in time for the Nova Star to evade the ambush.

After drawing the Pit Viper into an ambush of their own, Master Skywalker and the player characters were able to defeat the clone troopers and capture the corvette.

After refit and reflagging as the CDF Serenity, this ship is still a stealth military transport, now the largest stealth ship in their fleet.


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