Nova Star

Player Characters' Ship


Colossal (frigate) space transport

Init –3; Senses Perception +8

Defense Ref 13 (flat-footed 11),
Fort 34; +11 armor; +8 system save vs. ionic weapons

hp 650; DR 15; SR 90; Threshold 134
-1/die damage from ion weapons

Speed fly 12 squares (max. velocity 950 km/h), fly 3 squares (starship scale)

Double Turbolasers
Atk +3 (–17 against targets smaller than Colossal); Dmg 5d10 x 5

Double Laser Cannons
Atk +3 (–2 autofire); Dmg 5d10 x 2

2 Proton Torpedo Launchers
Atk +3; Dmg 9d10 x 2

Fighting Space 1 square (starship scale); Cover total
Base Atk +0; Grp +49

Atk Options autofire (double laser cannons), fire-link (double laser cannons, proton torpedoes)

Abilities Str 59, Dex 14, Con —, Int 16

Skills Initiative –3, Mechanics +5, Perception +5, Pilot –3, Use Computer +5, Sneak +10

Crew 10 (Normal); Passengers 8; Troops 1 squad of droids

Cargo 400 tons; Consumables 6 months; Carried Craft none
Payload 24 proton torpedoes

Hyperdrive x.8 (backup x5), nav computer

Stealth Systems +10 DC to spot on long range sensors, +5 DC to spot on short range sensors, no penalty to spot visually

Improved Sensors +3 to any relevant skill check


This Corellian YZ-775 Transport was owned by a small shipping company on Casperia. After the planet’s destruction, its captain claimed ownership. It is currently being used by the characters in their missions for Countess Adriana Monocerotis.

Due to the importance of the Nova Star’s missions for the Casperian people, it has been outfitted with significant non-standard equipment, including a secure communications system, low-observability equipment, an improved med-bay, tri-phasic shields, a suite of advanced scientific instruments, Dr. Nogo Larogo’s latest hyperdrive enhancements, and a permanently-assigned squad of battle droids.

It is still an old ship, it is not particularly well armed, and the new shields are not really any more effective against most weapons, but it makes an excellent scout ship and can go where no ship has gone before.

Nova Star

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