Twi-lek Jedi


Varu is a Twi-lek female, 5’10" tall, with green skin. She wears a jumpsuit made from elaborately-tooled Nerf leather. Her lightsaber has a yellow blade, though when she first met the characters, she had a blue-bladed lightsaber.


This jedi briefly assisted the characters during their escape from Casperia. Since then, she has been living on the Eye and, at the request of Master Skywalker, serving the station as a judge.

She is currently living in a mushroom-themed hotel. Having been raised on Felucia, she finds that the mushroom decor and the blue lighting make her feel at home.

Her favorite food is a Felucian soup made from 5 different mushrooms. She was pleased to find it on the menu at her hotel.


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