Sir Taumrel Bluu

Massive master of mixology


Taumrel is a Herglic, over 100 years old (he won’t say how much over), with purple skin and a grin that never goes away. He usually wears a lei, fresh when he can get one, otherwise one of his supply of elaborate plastic leis.

He used to be captain of the Herglic cargo ship, Orcus. Recently, Taumrel retired from the merchant marine and invested the bulk of his savings in a bar on Casperia. The bar had been open only two weeks before Casperia was destroyed.

With his entire fortune wiped out, Taumrel needs a new source of income, so he has accepted a job as a bartender at the officers’ club on board the Nightingale.

Taumrel has also been the subject of a few ribs about him being named “Bluu” when he is, in fact, purple.

Sir Taumrel Bluu

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