Dr. Theron Ploon

Mad Scientist


This Duros scientist lived on a small planet inside the coronasphere of a red dwarf star. He was found dead by the player characters, his skeletal remains draped over his latest experiment.

Dr. Ploon was an expert on high energy physics. His projects included high-powered cybernetic implants for spies, tri-phasic shields capable of protecting his home from its host star, the main power plant of the Death Star, several weapon miniaturization projects and a tunneling neutrino communication system.

There is also evidence that Dr. Ploon was able to detect the Yuuzhan-Vong before the Empire was founded. According to his own records, he sent information about Zonoma Sekot to Palpatine before the Clone Wars.

Medical records in Dr. Ploon’s cybernetics lab indicate that he installed several experimental implants in Count Vladomir Monocerotis I, including a tiny brain implant to restore the use of his hippocampus after a massive head trauma. This implant would numb the left side of his hippocampus, allowing the undamaged right side to take over. Without this implant, he would likely have gotten lost on his own command ship. The count also had about a quarter of his jaw and several bones in his skull replaced with high-tech plastic at the same time. According to Dr. Ploon’s records, the trauma was caused by a blaster shot. Historical records on Casperia make no mention of the count having been shot.

Dr. Theron Ploon

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