A New World

There is a Bomb on Gilead

Session 18

The Casperians make their move. Thousands of junk freighters make their move toward the Casharin Rogue Star Cluster in one massive armada, guarded by a handful of capital ships. This is one of the biggest land grabs in history and the galaxy notices.

At the third jump point of the hyperspace corridor, the fleet’s stealth ships wait to see who will come to ambush the armada. Serenity takes the lead. Also present are the Nova Star, the Banthawagon, four stealth fighters and a single stealth bomber. The ISD Sultan and two other star destroyers, under the command of Admiral Von Klemp, are hidden outside the cluster.

The stealth ships wait for hours, expecting somebody to try to interdict their claim. They particularly expect the Mining Guild, whom they believe has a prior claim on the cluster.

The first to show up is a single science frigate from Naboo, followed by a lone Nemoidian battleship. The science scout scans the nearby gas giants and the Nemoidians just sit there.

Next to show up is an Imperial II class star destroyer, with Czerka markings. Almost immediately, the Czerka ship is attacked by some kind of stealth TIE fighters. Three more Czerka star destroyers fall out of hyperspace, followed by Von Klemp’s fleet, a Chiss strike cruiser, the Jedi medical frigate Salvation, a lone X-Wing fighter, three YT-1300’s painted black and a fancy Skipray Blastboat. Finally, the expected Mining Guild interdiction fleet arrives, followed by half of the Casperian capital ships.

As the characters are trying to make sense of all this chaos and simultaniously try to defend themselves, they notice that the Gilead, their largest battle cruiser, had a big bomb attached to its hull. This is a sodium fusion bomb, a cataclysmic device designed to initiate the same kind of runaway fusion effect in the heart of a supernova. If it detonates, not only will it destroy the Gilead, but half the other ships in the system along with it!

In the middle of a tense, multi-sided battle, not knowing who is on whose side or who put the bomb on Gilead’s hull, the characters must find a way to disarm the bomb before it destroys friend and foe alike!

Their solution: Carefully poke a hole in it with a lightsaber, then fill it with liquid nitrogen. It can’t build up nearly enough heat for proper detonation, so it fizzles and the assembled fleets are saved.



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