A New World

The Missiles of Avalon

Session 15

After a fierce battle against the Mining Guild, the Nightengale’s supply of missiles is seriously depleted. The Serenity is sent to a planet called Avalon, where they are to buy enough missiles to resupply the Nightengale’s fighters.

The arms dealer is easy enough to find and there are more than enough proton torpedoes and heavy concussion missiles on inventory to fill their order, but the missiles are physically missing from the warehouse.

The characters do their best to track down the missing ammunition and bring those responsible to justice. They identify an insider who has been selling the missiles to the black market, harass the local crime lord and follow a ‘pirate’ ship to a hidden asteroid base.

In the end, the ‘pirates’ detonate some of the missiles, rather than turn them over. The asteroid base is completely obliterated. The characters manage to get clear in time, but so far as they know, so do the ‘pirates.’

The characters will just have to find someplace else to get their ammunition.



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