A New World

The Invisible Mandalorian

Session 21

As the Serenity blockades the outer end of the hyperspace corridor, a Mandalorian bounty hunter sneaks through the corridor and uses the same tactics at the other end. The Mandalorian ship has the same type of stealth systems as the Serenity, as well as superior armor and equivalent firepower and speed.

The Serenity is ordered to temporarily abandon the blockade and hunt down this invisible Mandalorian.

In the process, they discover two interesting facts:

The Mining Guild has placed bounties on all known Casperian ships, even unarmed cargo ships. There are also very large bounties on many Casperian personnel, including about half the crew of the Serenity. Also inclded on the list is a bounty of 10,000,000 credits for Jedi Master Cilghal.

Mandalore and the Bounty Hunter’s Guild have both refused all bounties on this list. All Guild members and all Mandalorian subjects are forbidden to collect on these bounties.



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