A New World

Six Duros and an Ewok

Session 20

The Mining Guild has blockaded the hyperspace corridor into the Casharin Rogue Star Cluster.

In response, Countess Adriana has sent Serenity, Nova Star, Banthawagon and a stealth bomber to intercept any supplies bound for the blockade. These are half the stealth ships in the fleet.

Meanwhile, the Mining Guild intercepts and boards the starliner, Matthias. The Serenity answers their distress call and the characters board the Matthias from a different docking clamp.

As the characters fight their way from room to room, corridor to corridor, deck to deck, they are assisted by seven survivors. Six Duro engineers are playing tricks with the gravity, environmental controls and power systems, while an Ewok passenger sets annoying traps made of food and string and staples.



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